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PAYE Modernisation

I’m sure you are all by now aware of what this is, and the extra work and hassle it has given both ourselves and you the business owner. On a “big brother” level, our clients who do not pay their taxes on the due date, are receiving a reminder letter within 1 week, and in […]

Revenue ups its oversight of landlords in this year’s tax returns

Landlords will find less scope to downplay income earned – and tax owed – in 2018 return Landlords hoping to reduce their tax bill this October will need to ensure they have registered their properties, as the Revenue again increases its oversight of those earning rental income. Read the full article here.


At recent CPD lectures (Continuing Professional Development) the presenter confirmed the following facts you may find of interest: Revenue Audits (A) Only 6% of Revenue Audits are random – the other 94% is as a result of statistical analysis and monitoring of taxpayers returns. (B) In 2019 , Revenue are targeting a number of relatively […]

New subsistence rates

Increased Subsistence rates The Revenue Commissioners have announced increased rates of subsistence, effective from 1st July 2019. They are as follows: Away from base for 5 hours but less than 10 New rate: €15.41 Old rate: €14.01 Away from base more than 10 hours New rate: €36.97 Old rate: €33.61 Overnight rate New rate: €147.00 […]