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25th Anniversary

The most positive thing I can say at the moment is that the 12th of May marked my 25th Anniversary of self-employment. I attach my first business card – I started off in a 10 x 10 serviced office in the PYE Centre in Dundrum, the site where Dundrum Shopping Centre now stands. I reckon […]

New minimum wage from 1st February 2020

Hi All, There are new minimum wages rates coming into effect from 1st February 2020. The rate is going from €9.80 per hour to €10.10 per hour. Here is a more detailed chart for underage workers.

Breakthrough in Accounting Software – cloud based packages

For the last 20 years our accounting software package of choice has been TAS Books – it has been totally reliable, and we had a bureau version here in Guardian that we could use for all of our client’s data. Now unfortunately, Sage, who bought over TAS a number of years ago have announced that […]

Switching to a limited company

Many people start off in business as a sole trader, as it is cheap (€20 to register a business name), quick – you can register a business name in 2-5 days in the CRO, and its easier and less costly if you decide to cease to trade. Against this, is that you are personally responsible […]

Occupational Pension Scheme

Sample Maximum Contribution Rates, as % of Salary The table assumes that the member is married with at least 10 years service at retirement. Existing pension benefits are not included in the above rates. These rates are calculated using current Capitalisation Factors published by the Revenue Commissioners. Member’s total pension fund is restricted to €2 […]