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Update on latest supports from the Government

Yesterday’s announcement by the Government was another boost to the self- employed, Employers and thus to employees. When you have read this, please then send an email to your contact here in Guardian to discuss your particular needs – they will work out the numbers for you. You will go on a list, and we […]

New minimum wage from 1st February 2020

Hi All, There are new minimum wages rates coming into effect from 1st February 2020. The rate is going from €9.80 per hour to €10.10 per hour. Here is a more detailed chart for underage workers.

Investment and Incentive Opportunities

Hi, my name is Avril Shortt, I’m the Practice Manager here at Guardian Management Accounting. I’d just like to talk to you about some investment and incentive opportunities that are available at the moment. These incentives are available to both existing companies and new companies, these include the likes of R&D Tax Credit. So, if […]

Setting Up Companies for IT Contractors

Hi I’m Colum Whelan, the Principal of Guardian Management Accounting. Today many companies particularly those in the technology sector, do not wish to employ people, rather they impose upon them to form a limited company and to invoice them from that company. Guardian have been providing this service for over 20 years now to IT […]

Outsourcing Financial Controller Services

Hi I’m Colum Whelan, the Founder of Guardian Management Accounting. I’ve found the business in 1995 to provide outsource financial controller services to small and medium businesses. What was common to call these businesses was they could not afford a full-time financial controller or required a financial controller in a full-time basis. Today we provide […]