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Posts from May 2020

25th Anniversary

The most positive thing I can say at the moment is that the 12th of May marked my 25th Anniversary of self-employment. I attach my first business card – I started off in a 10 x 10 serviced office in the PYE Centre in Dundrum, the site where Dundrum Shopping Centre now stands. I reckon […]

Tax Liabilities

While we confirmed in earlier articles, you could withhold PAYE and VAT payments since January, Revenue have now further confirmed that the liabilities unpaid, need not be repaid for 12 months AFTER the recommencement of trading, and no interest shall accrue during this time. After that period, the business can then enter into an Installment […]

Trading Online Voucher Scheme

This is designed to assist Small business to trade more online, boost sales and reach new markets. As many clients have had to switch to online sales, this has assisted them in enabling their website to take payments, and thus allow them trade seamlessly. Grants of up to €2,500 are available, subject to a 10% […]

Access to Borrowing

If you need simple working capital to run your business, there are various reduced loans available. There are two that do not require personal guarantees to my knowledge – MicroFinance Ireland (Loans €2,000 – €25,000) and SCBI (Loans from €25,000 – €1.5m). However in the case of SCBI, up to €500,000 may be unsecured. The […]

Restart Grants

  Many businesses will have extinguished any cash reserves come the time that they can reopen. They will be unable to pay for stock, pay for venues, pay staff or indeed just not be able to give credit to customers. The Government announced in their plan, released on the 2nd May, a grant for micro […]