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Posts from December 2019

Pay no tax on your company profits – take out a pension

90% of our clients operate through limited companies, and 85% of these have a year-end of 31st December. As a director of a limited company, you may make payments into your pension tax free from your company subject to the table here. Please contact us if you wish to confirm how much you could contribute […]

Finally PRSI Benefits for the self-employed

I recently visited the opticians to get new glasses, and got a nice surprise as I remembered that all S1 PRSI payers, are now entitled to €80 off new glasses!!! A pleasant surprise. Secondly new for 2019 is that self employed people can now claim Jobseekers benefit if out of work. Click here to read […]

Once off €500 TAX FREE small benefit exemption

Every employer can give all employees, a small benefit of up to €500 in a year. The benefit can be in the form of a voucher, but cannot be in the form of cash. The most popular benefit used by our clients are One4all cards, but be warned delivery can take up to 2 weeks […]